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I hope you, your friends and family are doing well during this time of physical distancing. What seemed like “new” just a few weeks ago has in this short time evolved into our daily routine. 

Together, we’re listening to health care professionals and keeping a distance with a focus on keeping our loved ones healthy and "flattening the curve" for everyone.

We’ve found virtual ways to work, interact, and even celebrate. And we’ve seen windows of homes as well as sidewalks and green spaces become places to share positive messages.

Soon, we’ll be able to return to our regular, and perhaps “new normal” routines. Please know that I continue to be available to answer questions, guide you through virtual tours, and work with you to create home buying and selling plans with a focus on better days ahead. Call me anytime.

IMF Economic Outlook
In the April World Economic Output Report, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts that Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will contract by 6.2% in 2020 - that’s 8% lower than the estimated 1.8% growth the IMF predicted in January. Back in January, the IMF also projected that 160 countries would see income growth on a per-capita basis. Now, the IMF expects that 170 countries will see negative per-capita income growth in 2020.

There’s a lot of number crunching and guessing going on these days. While it’s only one measure, economists indicate that Canada’s governments came into this economic crisis with a better financial bottom line than many other developed countries. Our net government debt was at 40% of economic output before the crisis. The IMF’s projections show that, even after the announced stimulus spending, Canada’s government debt will still be lower than the average debt of many of the other developed countries, before the crisis.

Even though the duration of the pandemic remains unknown, the IMF sees a partial rebound in 2021, with expectations Canada’s economy will grow 4.2% next year. 

Don’t Be a Victim of a Corona Virus Scam
The Canadian Fraud Centre has recorded a number of COVID-19 hoaxes, and more are likely to show up as this health crisis continues.

Be even more vigilant about phone solicitations. Not long ago, we were often made aware that a call was a scam because the caller ID displayed as “unknown caller.” Today, phone scammers engage local area codes so they’re more difficult to spot. 

Whenever you answer a call, listen carefully. If the caller arrives on the line after you say, "hello," the call is likely from a boiler shop operation using a robo-call dialer that connects only after you answer the call.

Among the reported phone frauds:

  • Companies offering duct-cleaning services or special filters that they claim can protect against COVID-19 particles.
  • Fraudsters posing as a utility company representative threatening to disconnect power for non-payment.
  • Criminals posing as officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization offering to sell a (fake) list of COVID-19-infected individuals who live nearby.

Pest Stoppers

With warmer weather comes bug season. This year, consider "chemical-free" alternatives to keep pests away.

  • Stopping Ants is a Picnic. Sprinkle a line of Cinnamon around the areas where you've spotted ant armies. Basil leaves also work well. They don't like the “smell” and won't cross the line. Works for picnics too - sprinkle Cinnamon around the blanket.
  • Shoo Fly - Basil is a tasty way to keep flies away. Add a little to your summer salads. And place a few leaves on the table when you're eating outdoors to ward off flying pests.
  • Bees Be Outta Here - Keep outdoor entertaining bee-free by tying a few Dryer Anti-Static Sheets around chair legs and tree branches.
  • Natural Mosquito-Be-Gone - Keep a few drops of Clove Oil on the back deck. The scent masks other aromas that attract annoying mosquitoes. You can even wear a few drops as personal mosquito repellent.

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