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In today's world of trade deals and deadlocked negotiations, we need "mediators" who work to bring both sides together. I am a mediator and I am a negotiator. It's my job to look out for clients and work in their best interest.

When it's time to "get the deal done", it's important to have a negotiator on your side! Count on me.

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Lower Humidity by the Bucket. Without the Bucket

Even with the unusual weather, the calendar signals that Summer weather is coming. It’s not just the summer heat, humidity also makes our homes feel hotter. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, so it feels cooler. Even if the house doesn't feel humid, the basement could always benefit from a separate dehumidifier to remove the extra moisture basements always seem to have.

A downside of most dehumidifiers is the spills and mess of emptying the bucket. There are self-emptying, "bucketless" humidifiers that feature an integrated pump, strong enough to push water up and out of a basement window or into a sink. They’re a bit pricier than a "bucket model" but they're virtually maintenance-free.

Chattels & Fixtures. Know What's in the Contract

When looking at a property, sometimes it’s not easy to figure out what’s included in the purchase price. Rule of thumb is – if it takes a tool to remove it, it’s a fixture and should stay with the property. If it’s not attached to the home, then it’s a chattel, and would leave with the Seller. But today the difference is becoming cloudy. 

For example, a grey area… wall-mounted TV. Even if all agree the TV is not staying, what about the mounting hardware and the wiring in the wall? What about closet organizers? And if there’s an outdoor pond, do the lights and pumps stay? What about the fish? 

As there are differences in understanding today, “when in doubt, spell it out” – so that it’s part of the Purchase Agreement.

Money-Wise Hot Water

A tankless water heater warms-up water only when it's needed, unlike a conventional water heater which heats and reheats the same water 24 hours a day. No holding tank means a tankless water heater:
• Takes up less space than a conventional hot water tank.
• Is energy efficient - no heat loss from water "waiting" to be used - it could save up to 30% from the hot water heating bill.

When comparing tankless water heaters, compare:
• Flow rate - how many litres of hot water per minute?
• Warranties - is the heat exchanger warranty separate from the parts warranty?
• Cost of electric vs. gas models

TIP - Before upgrading the water heater, look at areas that deliver a bigger energy-saving "return" - improving the insulation, gap-sealing for air leaks, or upgrading the furnace. Home heating consumes triple the energy of water heating.
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